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Shipping insurance is provided through our partners at Route.


Do you offer shipping insurance?

Yes, we do! Shipping insurance is provided through our partners at Route. Route will automatically add shipping insurance to your shopping bag. The cost of insurance is $0.98 for all orders under $100. Any order over $100 will have insurance calculat

What is Route?

Route is our insurance provider. With route, you are given access to buyer protection at checkout that covers product loss, theft or damage. If on the off chance something happens to your package, you’ll be able to self-resolve the issues in seconds

I purchased Route protection and my package was lost/damaged/stolen. How do I report an issue?

You can report an issue with Route through the mobile app (iOS or Android), through the email you receive from Route after placing your order, or by going to Please make sure to have the email you used to purchase and your order num

My package was lost/stolen and I didn’t purchase Route shipping protection at check out. What should I do?

If you decided not to purchase shipping protection at check out, unfortunately we are not able to refund you. Once a package leaves our facility, we are not responsible for what happens to the package.

My garment was damaged but I didn’t purchase Route protection at check out. What should I do?

If the actual item is damaged upon arrival but the box is not, please do reach out to us as we would never want you to have a defective garment! Please make sure to take a photo of your defective item and the package it arrived in when reaching out.

How do I find the status of my Route issue submission?

Not only can you report an issue with Route by going to, but you can also check the status of your issue there. Simply enter the email address you used at checkout along with your order number and Route will provide you an update on

What if my reported issue was denied by Route?

In order for the reported issue to be approved, it must be stolen, lost, or damaged and be within their designated timeframes. If you feel there has been a mistake, please reply to the email you received from Route.

What are the Route package protection policies?

Listed below is a brief summary of Route Shipping Protection coverage, but you can review the full policies here. Lost or stuck in transit. Domestic: The issue must be filed between 7 and 30 days from the last shipping update. International: The issu